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The Way of Working: 

A practical guide on how to deliver products 

Award-winning software agency shows how you can mitigate your risks with a process that houses years of learnings from countless real-world software projects.

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Anyone that's led an IT project understands that there is any number of risks that threaten the delivery timeframe and the project budget. 

Sometimes these risks are known, other times they only become apparent when the delivery deadline is looming. Every time an issue presents itself, there's an opportunity to learn and mitigate that issue from happening next time. 

That's exactly what the Way of Working: Agile Development Playbook embraces.  

Over years of developing software applications for almost every industry, we've encountered our fair share of issues. 

Rather than try to use that information as a competitive advantage, we're sharing it with you. 

That way you benefit from a process that already knows the risks you're likely to face and mitigates them. 


Packed with strategies that helped the Department of Defence win innovation awards.  

Agile is a fantastic methodology. These days, it's the industry standard. 

What frustrates us is seeing the agile methodology being used as an excuse for poor documentation, missed deadlines and scope creep. 


Because agile still needs structure. 

That's where the Way of Working comes in. 

This playbook adds structure to the process to ensure that the right stakeholders are involved at the right times, an application is documented and valuable products are delivered within the timeline. 

We look at the #1 question every project lead is asking: 



These Companies Have Implemented The Way of Working


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Who Needs the Way of Working?

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While the activities and strategies in the Way of Working are relevant to any ICT professional, we would especially recommend it for the following:

- Project managers looking to improve the velocity and output of their development teams.

- Product owners wanting a process that will deliver a quality application on time and budget.

- CEOs, CIOs and busi­ness man­agers who want a greater understanding of how they can balance agile with organisational necessities.

- Any other stake­hold­er (designers, soft­ware en­gi­neers, busi­ness an­a­lysts, pro­ject man­agers) that is in­volved in soft­ware pro­jects and is looking for new strategies and tactics. 

Understand risks with the Cone of Uncertainty

Cone of Uncertainty | WorkingMouse

The be­gin­ning of any soft­ware de­vel­op­ment pro­ject is by far the riski­est time for all in­volved if not ap­proached from the right 

The Cone of Uncertainty (on the right) is a de­pic­tion that as we go fur­ther into the fu­ture there is more that we are un­cer­tain about. 

There are so many other fac­tors that may im­pact a pro­ject in 6 months time that we just don’t know about cur­rently. 

For ex­am­ple, Apple/Google may up­date their soft­ware re­quire­ments or a par­tic­u­lar plu­gin we were plan­ning to use has reached end-of-life.

This is why it’s im­por­tant to break down the pro­ject into smaller builds. Each build can be scoped at the rel­e­vant time al­low­ing greater cer­tainty around the es­ti­mated length.


Get the Audiobook + Resources Designed to Accelerate Your Project 


  • Way of Working audiobook - consume the content in a way that suits your learning style.
  • ​The Guide to a Successful Software Project hard copy + audiobook - a must-have for any product owner starting a software project.
  • ​Lean UX Canvas – designed to create a framework for your projects problem statement.
  • ​Software Agency Evaluation Template – how to evaluate software agencies and choose the right fit for your project.
  • ​Project Value Calculator – using your forecasts and this framework, determine the return on investment your software is likely to bring to the business.
  • ​Product Strategy Template – this template sets out the components needed to create your product strategy, enabling you to create a strategy that aligns your team.

These resources have been developed to give every project the best possible chance to succeed.